Our (Agrocosa) three farms located in and around Meoqui, Chihuahua, Mexico total almost 4,000 acres. In any given year, half of the acreage is dedicated to onions and jalapeno products, with the balance in rotation crops. To provide the water needed in the arid environment, our grower has drilled five large individual wells that are dedicated exclusively to our farms.


One third of these fields are equipped with "drip irrigation" which not only allows the grower to closely manage watering schedules but also conserves limited water resources. Our grower also utilizes an onion growing technique known as "transplanting." Onion seed is planted in seed beds and grown until the stalk of the onion sprout has reached the desired size. Each onion plant is then moved by hand and planted individually in the field rows. The technique ensures proper spacing and reduces crowding which in turn increases the yield of single-centered onions; the ideal for onion ring processing.











The Agrocosa Production Facility is located in the center of the Delicias Valley, about 250 miles south of El Paso, Texas. With more than 150,000 sq ft of production and warehouse space, this facility has the finest cleaning, sorting, cutting, blanching and packaging equipment available. The staff includes university-degreed personnel in Production and QA. This facility has scored over 98% (Excellent) on the past 5 consecutive independent Silliker Labs factory audits.










Our warehousing and distribution facility in Santa Teresa, NM includes 30,000 sq ft of ambient dry warehouse space, and access to another warehouse with 160,000 sq along with 10,000 sq ft of tempature controlled space. At the height of the shipping season, we frequently load 30 semi-truck loads per day of onion and jalapeno products.
















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