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Fresh Market Onions:


National Onion Inc. offers year round supply of onions from various parts of the country. The different regions include: Washington, Idaho, Utah, California, Texas, New Mexico and Mexico.

We offer a broad range of onion sizes and colors including white, yellow and red varieties.


Onion Ring Processing Contracts:


National Onion specializes in supplying onion ring processors and divides its crop between these processors and fresh market customers. To meet the needs of the processors, we plant, grow and ship those varieties which have been selected for maximum single-centered onions. Our planting schedules are based, in large part, on processor contracts. There are two basic types of onions for onion ring processing:


- Fresh Onions - harvested and shipped immediately; available from February through August.

- Storage Onions - stored after harvest and shipped over a long period of time; available from September through mid-March.


In the 25+ years that we have been supplying onion ring processors from Mexico and New Mexico in the May - July time frame, we have never failed to deliver on a contract. National Onion has an excellent logistics staff to make sure that the onions purchased are shipped and delivered on time and in good condition.

Processed Jalapeno and Chile


Grown on our own (Agrocosa) farms in the area of Delicias, Chihuahua, Mexico, our fresh jalapeno and green chile products are grown under strict controls of pesticide and fertilizer application to meet all USDA and FDA standards. Carefully controlled drip irrigation assures that the plants are never stressed, and yield consistent quality and pungency.


All the jalapeno and chile fruit pods are hand-harvested and then washed and sorted before going into our climate-controlled coolers at the factory. Transport and storage is in climate-controlled atmosphere, including our 10,000 sq ft coolers in our El Paso, TX warehouse.


We have our own factory in Mexico (Agrocosa) which is operated by a highly trained and educated professional staff. This factory has scored at least 98% (Excellent) on independent Silliker Lab audits for 3 years in a row, including 104 out of a possible 105 for HACCP and Food Safety Practices. The

Agrocosa factory is fully registered with FDA with FCE, SID, and Bioterrorism registrations completed. All our products are GMO-free. All products are Kosher certified.




All of these standard products are available in various packaging options:

55-gallon drums with liner

5-gallon pails

1-gallon pail

6 x 7-lb cryovac pouches (6 pouches per carton)


Non-brined wet products include:

Chipotle - whole in adobo sauce

Chipotle - adobo puree


In addition to these standard products which we keep in stock, we can produce many other customized products to customer requirements. Please keep us in mind for your new product development ideas. Contact us to discuss how National Onion and our Agrocosa factory can help you.



Other Fresh Products


In addition to onions and jalapenos, National Onion Inc. also offers services for other fresh produce items. According to season we are happy to supply the following products:





Pinto Beans


Dried Red Chile




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